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Made under stringent hygienic conditions, Aahan Farm products are a blend of freshness and purity just as arriving from your grandma’s kitchen. We have pure Cow & Buffalo Milk, Butter, Paneer and Desi Ghee. You will simply love the taste and crave for more. They come as farm fresh & unadulterated in its purest and natural form free of any chemicals or preservatives

Pure A2 Cow & Buffalo Milk

Fresh Butter


Pure Desi Ghee


What our customers say

  • Got the real taste of milk after so many years after having Aahan Farm’s milknjoy. Freshly delivered. Just love it.

    Mrs. Nainsi Khanna
  • Very impressed by the purity of Aahan Farm’s Milknjoy. Highly recommend to all and compliments to the Aahan Farm’s team for maintaining the consistency.

    Mrs. Parul Singh
  • I tried Aahan Farm’s MILKNJOY cow milk and ghee. They were the best I have ever had. Just so fresh and pure. My children drink only milk-n-joy milk now. Its so tasty. Recommend to all.

    Mrs. Pooja Chaudhary
  • What an amazing milk to taste. You can feel the freshness just by having a sip of it. Every body should have it and avoid the adulterated milk of milkmen and other dairies. Keep it up MILKNJOY.

    Mrs. Rakhi Rana
  • I want my children to have the purest form of milk free from hormones and other chemicals. I have found one now. Its Aahan Farm’s Milknjoy. I visited the farm also and found it to be very clean and tidy. Love their fresh products.

    Mrs. Shashi Bala

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